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Teenage Tupelo Coffee Table Book (Fantagraphics Books)

Teenage Tupelo Coffee Table Book (Fantagraphics Books)

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A semi-auto-bio sexploitation comedy drama that asks the question, “Want to see some naked pictures of my mother?"

In 1995 Something Weird Video released filmmaker (and former Fantagraphics cartoonist) John Michael McCarthy’s Elvis-obsessed autobiographical bump and grind Super 8 cinematic oddity Teenage Tupelo, and co-produced by exploitation king David F. Friedman (She Freak, 2000 Maniacs). Memphis instrumental combo Impala provided the scintillating score set to the swaying rhythms of starlet D’Lana Tunnell who plays McCarthy’s mother. The music was produced by legendary Sun records-era Roland Janes and released on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label. Almost thirty years later, this obscure little cult film continues to be remembered.

Now Fantagraphics Books unleashes a mammoth volume dedicated to one of the last underground sexploitation films of the 20th century: a nudie cutie time capsule of art, essays, and reviews, along with photos of the beautiful starlets who appeared in Teenage Tupelo. The book is 12x12 and 360 pages with dust jacket art by Neryl Walker.

THIS VOLUME is autographed by the author and filmmaker JMM and includes a ticket from the original 1995 Memphis premiere, a starlet D'Lana Tunnell business card, a postcard, and a hand-written note from the filmmaker. 

Please inquire about postage rates outside the USA. 

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